Our mission here at L.E.B. Electric is to fully serve all of our clients with the highest level of honesty and integrity throughout a project. We employ a hands-on philosophy for performing projects which starts with our owner and trickles down through the entire company - from field personnel and management to office staff.
L.E.B.'s experience with all phases of electrical work and data communications coupled with our propensity for keeping current with technology and construction procedures leave us poised to handle potential projects at every level. These levels include but are not limited to budgeting, pricing, bidding, logistics and project scheduling. In keeping with this, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering projects on time and within budget.
We also understand that the close-out of projects and serviceability once our client has moved in is a very important part of our business which we are fully committed to.
L.E.B. is proud to offer design build services for our low voltage work. When it comes to low voltage work, we are able to provide assistance at every stage of the project unless the client prefers a turnkey process. We are familiar with the logistics of incorporating low voltage work into a general project's needs and time frames.
With its staff of experienced personnel who are familiar with the challenges of working in the world of commercial construction L.E.B. has the ability to perform complex projects ranging from interior spaces to exterior and infra-structure types of construction. We handle logistics and scheduling for all of our projects and clients; working with other trades and always considering the client's goals and design criteria.
Schools and universities are constantly making need based changes within limited time frames. This type of work is always challenging and L.E.B. has an exceptional track record for producing high quality work expeditiously within these strict time frames.
With ever-evolving technology and the advancement of innovations in the health care field there is a constant need for health care organizations and hospitals to change, upgrade and expand their facilities. L.E.B. has the experience and logistical expertise to follow a health care job through from start to finish.