PROJECT: Nassau University Medical Center

NUMC was a complete new build-out for a state-of-the-art new Emergency Room. It consisted of all new facilities from top to bottom. L.E.B. powered up two new, large patient elevators which were tied into main floors and departments of the hospital. The new facility was designed to tie into many of the hospital’s other departments at all levels. This Emergency Room is one of the top in New York State and when the President of the United States is in town it is where he would go if the need arose.

The E.R. has its own X-Ray and Cat-Scan rooms as well as surgical rooms that are fully staffed and equipped to handle major crises for Long Island as well as every day procedures.

L.E.B. installed all new power to the E.R. at NUMC and a 1500KW standby generator. This location is also slated as a Nassau County trauma center and a new heliport station was also installed. New public parking areas and a new ambulance entrance were installed to enable the hospital to receive multiple ambulances simultaneously. The E.R. also got a new modern front entrance along with an updated prison section. All new head wall and low voltage systems were installed in the new E.R. throughout.

Most importantly, the hospital remained fully functional for the duration of the electrical work. Coordination was challenging at times but it went off without any major issues.

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